3D Hand Rejuvenation

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3DHand Rejuvenation

Hand For beautiful youthful hands

Almost every thing we do involves using our hands, our hands are always on show and so always exposed to absolutely every thing, this results in visible signs of ageing more than on other areas of our body. These ageing signs include thinning skin, enlarged veins and a bony appearance. The hands are usually ignored in the average woman’s skin care regimen and so give our age away before our faces do.

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The 3D Hand Rejuvenation is one of the most effective non surgical hand rejuvenation solutions available and involves combining three clinical applications:

Phformula skin resurfacing
Mesotherapy with growth factors, peptides, vitamins, anti-oxidants Hyaluranic and succinic acids

Separately each clinical application presents powerful results however a combination of all three in one treatment will give superior results for hand rejuvenation.


*Individual results may vary.


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