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At Advanced Beauty we treat 100’s of acne sufferers every year and know how much distress the condition can cause. So if you feel like you’ve tried everything, but still don’t have the skin you really want, arrange a consultation at our clinic today

Treating acne is often a long journey that can takes its toll on your confidence, but our aim is to get you to a place where you’re happy with the way your skin looks. We’re here for you every step of the way.

We have a range of treatments to treat mild to moderate acne and have found that combining treatments will always give the best results for example, weekly treatments alternating pHformula A.C.N.E Solution with Radio Frequency or Galvanic deep pore cleaning, we have many aids and solutions and your skin expert is most likely to use more than one technology in a single treatment designed to treat your skin, that’s why we get such amazing results.

Acne scars are the most common side effect of acne. Inflammation caused by acne can leave the skin feeling bumpy and discolored for a very long time.

Not all scars fade away on their own and some need specialist help. At Advanced Beauty Clinic, our skincare specialist understands that the physical and emotional effects of scarring remain long after the cause. Years after acne outbreaks, for example. We’re here to take you through a treatment journey that will deliver the skin results you deserve.

We would love to meet you for a consultation to decide on the best combination of treatments for you, we will make a treatment plan from the procedures listed below firstly to clear the breakouts and secondly to refine and re texture your skin reducing scars

pHformula A.C.N.E Skin Resurfacing (Scar and acne reduction)

LED Light (scar and acne reduction)

Mesotherapy   using targeted products

Redermalization  (Lifting,reducing scars)

Radio Frequency (skin tightening, reducing acne)

AICICIOIR cosmetic corrector (scars, skin tightening,skin rejuvenation)

All of these will increase your collagen production in your skin there fore reducing and minimizing scars, plumping, smoothing and firming

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*Individual results may vary.
**When used in accordance to guideline recommendations.

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