Have you ever considered surgical treatment to help improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles or premature ageing?

Here at Advanced Beauty  we are excited to announce the arrival of our AlClClOlR Cosmetic Corrector PLASMA treatment.  A safe, non- surgical alternative to surgical procedures which provides, proven results.

Plasma is taking the aesthetic industry by storm, as an effective alternative to invasive surgical procedures such as Facelift, Neck lift and Blepharoplasty.

It is used to treat a number of concerns and has proven effective when used for

  • Eye bag/ Eyelid Correction
  • Facelift / Neck lift
  • Acne / Acne Scarring
  • Lines & Wrinkles
  • Smokers Lines
  • Brest lift
  • Mummy tummy
  • Arms legs buttocks
  • Skin Tag and mole removal

A successfully proven non-invasive eyelid treatment (for hooded and droopy eyelids) to restore and reduce the delicate eyelids and surrounding area.
The Non-surgical Blepharoplasty Treatment is a safe and non-surgical option for those suffering with hooded (drooping) eyelids, designed by AlClClOlR
This next generation treatment remains the premier non-invasive eyelid treatment, and is a highly recommended alternative to surgery.

By using the highly developed AlClClOlR Plasma Pen, your eyelids can be lifted to their former state, and refined for a noticeable overall improvement in both the feel and appearance of your eye area.

Non-surgical Blepharoplasty works to restore by shrinking (reducing) the skin and rejuvenating delicate surrounds. It cleverly corrects and refines problem areas (including under eye bags), and brings back that beautiful brightness of youthfulness

Results can be seen immediately and improve even further over the course of 3 Months, while new collagen fibers develop.

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Eye lids – £250
Under eye – £250
Browlift – £250
Neck Lift – £350
Lower Face& neck – From £550

Abdomen, Breasts, Arms, Legs + other areas – Prices on request

✓ Reversing Smoker-Lines Skin Damage
✓ Eyebrow Lifting (featuring minimal down-time)
✓ Total Neck Rejuvenation & Lift
✓ Stretch Mark Reduction & Treatment
✓ Natural, non-invasive Breast Lifting
✓ Next Generation Technology
✓ Non-Surgical Treatment
✓ Collagen Stimulation
✓ Resolves Drooping
✓ Noticeably Lifted
✓ Skin Tightening

AlClClOlR Plasma rejuvenation treatment is the next generation technology for skin tightening and collagen production. It can also be used on any part of the face or body for skin tightening and lifting for removal of warts to correction of scars. However, it is mostly known for the correction of loose skin on the eyelids  (Blepharoplasty) or plasma eyelid rejuvenation and under eye bags simply because there is no other way to treat these delicate areas other than surgery.

AlClClOlR Plasma is a low powered medical device that is used among other indications to tighten the skin, of the neck and areas of the body, it is also of great use in the removal of scars and skin lesions, it is the next generation technology for skin tightening and collagen production, it uses a current of ionized gas to induce tightening of the skin, it enables the skin to produce a significant amount of collagen especially in those areas where previously we were not able to offer effective nonsurgical treatment, it is truly a revolutionary new tool capable of performing many of the procedures that would otherwise require expensive plastic and cosmetic surgery.


*Individual results may vary.
**When used in accordance to guideline recommendations.

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