Phformula skin Resurfacing for the treatment of lines and wrinkles, Pigmentation, Brown spots, Acne, and Rosacia 

Our pHformula treatments are Tailored to suit your individual needs which ever of the above you need to address all are anti ageing due to the fact that phformula treatments are designed to deeply clean inside the pores eliminating imperfect cells and encouraging the skin to produce more of what it needs in order to function at its best 

The results are stunning ! pores become refined and the skin looks fresh and radiant immediately  

pHformula is a revolution in the world of skin resurfacing.

It’s the first pharma-cosmeceutical combining maximum strength active acids with a unique trans-epidermal delivery system, PH-DVC.  This innovation in medi-aesthetics leads to the rapid delivery of the acids with minimal epidermal trauma resulting, for the first time, in visible results with no downtime and no peeling.

Suitable for all skin types, the pHformula range offers bespoke solutions to the common skin disorders:

  • ageing
  • acne
  • pigmentation
  • chronic redness

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Face and neck – £65

Face and Neck including Derma Planning – £95

pHformula a superior system

This is a very personalized system which can be adapted  to suit your individual needs, within the system there are four individual pathways designed to target ageing, acne, chronic redness or rosacea, pigmentation.

Many people will have more than one skin issue for example some pigmentation and some age damage or some rosacea and some pigmentation. This programme moves away form the ‘one size fits all’ approach commonly used and allows us real flexibility to treat the conditions we see in a methodical effective manner. 

Most of the pHformula skin resurfacing products are not timed, neutralised or removed from the skin. Instead they are self-neutralising and left on the skin with no fear of unpredictable prolonged effects.

The pre and post resurfacing support products are all formulated with the unique PH-DVC™ complex, which guarantees best possible results and maintenance of the skin during the pHformula resurfacing procedure. 

pHformula is taking skin resurfacing to the next level, by introducing an “outside in” and “inside out” philosophy. Advanced dermatological skin resurfacing procedures working from the outside in, combined with powerful skin nutrition, working from the inside out provide the skin with the full benefits assisting in rapid skin restoration.

For best results a course of treatments with home skincare is recommended however you may opt for a single in clinic treatment or home skincare in isolation. When you book a course of 3 or 6 treatments you will receive a discount.

The cost of the Phformula treatment is £65

Phformula Treatment Summary

*Individual results may vary.
**When used in accordance to guideline recommendations.


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